Embrace  the  Awkward.

Our middle school ministry (for 6th - 8th grade) is an active group focused on spiritual growth, service projects, and recreation activities that often include water balloons. 

Hey! I'm Jenn. 

I'm the Middle School Director here, and I love working with our students!
  • Middle Schoolers, I can't wait to meet and hang with you. Join us for any of our events and please come say hi!
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Wednesday nights from 6:30 - 8:00 p.m.
6:00 - Doors Open
6:30 - AMPLIFY Begins. Each teaching series is based on the Bible and relevant to a teenager's life.
7:05 - Small Groups. We split up into small groups of the same grade and gender to dive deeper into that week's lesson.
7:30 - Games. No athletic ability is required. Brain power may be more valuable. 

Current Teaching Series:

AMPLIFY | Wednesday Nights | 6:30-8pm | Middle School Room (B1) 
Apologies — they’re hard to give, but they’re sometimes hard to receive, too. When you’re the one who has hurt someone else, saying you’re sorry (and actually meaning it) takes work and practice. But when you’re the one who’s been hurt by someone else, things get even more complicated. What if you don’t want to forgive them? What if they don’t seem sorry? What if they won’t even admit they’re wrong? What if they’ve moved on, but you’re still not over it? In this 4-week series from the Old and New Testament, we'll find out what it means to truly give (and receive) forgiveness. We’ll discover that when you need forgiveness, it’s not enough to just apologize. And when you’ve been hurt and need to forgive, we’ll explore the importance of shifting your perspective, remembering God forgave first, and remembering Jesus knows what it’s like to be hurt.

Sunday Mornings

Sundays at 11:00 a.m.
Middle School Room. While our building is under construction, we will be meeting in the (Old) Middle School Room instead of the Fireside Room where we met this Summer. Stay tuned--a brand new student center is coming soon next year!!
Your parents may call it "Sunday School," but we call it "Sunday @ 11." This is the discipleship arm of our ministry. This is a large group gathering of "church for teenagers." This hour includes games, videos, worship, and culturally relevant biblical teaching.

Upcoming Events


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While we cover as many costs as we can, several of our events throughout the year do include a registration fee.
To help with those expenses, we offer several fundraising opportunities throughout the year for kids and students (... and their parents).