Building a Culture of Prayer

Ridgepoint is all about building a culture of prayer. That means prayer is where we start - both speaking to God and listening for his direction. We offer ways to grow in your prayer life throughout the year. These include equipping events as well as weekly prayer focuses. Sign up for prayer emails below!

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We believe prayer works!
We love joining in prayer for God's leading
and provision in people's lives.

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We invite you to use these prompts to guide your daily prayer time for Ridgepoint VBS.

Hey, I'm Jana.

Prayer is important in helping us align ourselves with what God is up to and how we can participate with Him. At Ridgepoint, we want our lives, our ministries, and our church to be led by the Holy Spirit through prayer and obedience. For more information about any prayer event or ministry, contact me.

Prayer Ministries

Interested in joining a prayer group? Read through our options below and contact Jana for details. 
Lord's Prayer
Join thousands of others in Kansas, uniting around praying the Lord's Prayer, one phrase each day of the week, using scripture. Prayer also focuses on revival in our cities and state.
Praying Hearts
This group meets Tuesdays at 9:30 a.m. and loves to pray for others. Confidentiality is a must to participate.
Wichita Prayer Furnace
Join with thousands of believers in Wichita praying for at least one hour a week in a 24/7 prayer chain for revival of the church and redemption of our city. Go to
Pit Crew
These individuals take 1 day a week for 3 months to personally pray and fast for one of our staff or leaders. Think of them like a pit crew for a race driver: there to help pray for that person as they carry the responsibility of leadership.

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