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"Rejoicing in Chains"
Pastor Brent Warkentin
Sunday, June 23
Pastor Brent's sermon explores how the Apostle Paul maintained joy and gratitude despite being imprisoned. He highlights the importance of seeing challenges as opportunities for growth and spreading faith. The sermon encourages adopting Paul's perspective to find positive outcomes and God's purpose in difficult times. 

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Every Thursday, Pastor Joe and Matt discuss the day's top trending stories from news and pop culture and analyze them from a faith perspective. Watch here, on Facebook, YouTube, or subscribe to the podcast!

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As a church, we care deeply about your faith, but we also care about every other aspect of your life! This video series will include a new video each Friday featuring a Ridgepoint member sharing practical life advice. It might be about parenting, marriage, finances--all sorts of topics.  We hope you find these videos helpful and insightful!

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