We value mentoring.

Life is best lived in community, and we believe cross-generational relationships can be extra meaningful. Our goal with this new program is to help facilitate mentoring relationships where young adults can grow in their faith and learn from the life experience of mature believers from Ridgepoint.

Mentees, these relationships will be a safe place to wrestle with questions and make progress on areas where you'd like to grow.
Mentors, this is a great chance to share your story and invest in the emerging generation. 

Our approach.

To help create expectations for the mentor/mentee relationships, we've outlined three types of structures to help guide your conversations. This is just a starting point. Relationships often evolve over time, and mentoring pairs may move between all three of these options over time.

Ready to get started? Here are the next steps for:


We're here to walk alongside you.

Find a friend who's been there.

Whether you’re facing a specific challenge or simply want to enjoy the friendship, wisdom, and stories of someone who’s walked this earth a bit longer than you, a mentor has the potential to play an instrumental role in your faith journey.

When you fill out the interest form below, you'll have the chance to share areas of your life where you'd like to get some help or simply share with a mentor. Maybe you're struggling with a relationship, could use some parenting tips, or want to take a next step in your faith journey.

A few more details:
  • After you apply, someone from our team will be in touch within two weeks with info about next steps.
  • Our matching team will work on pairing you with a mentor that best fits your interests, personality, scheduling availability, and stage of life. We take this seriously with lots of prayer and interviews with potential mentors. 
  • You're not locked in forever. Once you're paired, we request that you meet with your mentor at least twice. If things aren't working out or you would like to try another mentor, we'd be glad to pair you with someone else. Once you find a good fit, these relationships are generally expected to last at least one year, but then you can continue meeting as long as it works for both of you. 

Have questions? Check out our FAQ page or reach out to Kyle.


You have a story to share with the next generation.

We’re not looking for perfection. We’re looking for a willingness to listen, encourage, and authentically tell your story. 

We’re so excited you’re interested in becoming a mentor at Ridgepoint Church! We invite you to prayerfully consider playing a part in walking alongside the next generation in their faith journey and to reach out to Kyle with any additional questions you may have.

Never mentored before? Never fear.

We are here to support and equip you along this journey. We’ve curated a collection of resources including Mentors Coaches, curriculum, articles, and subject matter experts at our church to help you navigate specific topics or challenges with your mentee. We’ve also created a framework to help mentors and mentees determine the nature, structure, and meeting frequency in their relationship.

Application process:

1) Interest Form

Start by filling out our interest form to tell us about yourself, the areas you feel most comfortable sharing about, and your availability.

2) Review

Our matching team will review your information and prayerfully consider your role as a mentor. Included in this process is a background check  on all who apply.

3) Meeting

Potential mentors will have a conversation with one of our Mentor Coaches to get to know you and learn more about your desire to serve in this role.

4) Training

All who are approved as mentors will participate in training sessions where we will equip you with resources and tips before being matched with a mentee.

5) Matching

Our Matching Team will use the information you’ve shared to match you with a mentee. If a conflict of interest exists, you will have the opportunity to request a different mentee.