Fundraising Opportunities (Kids and Students)

We know that any help we can give to lower the cost for kids and student events will be gladly accepted.  
Here are various fundraising opportunities we encourage you to take advantage of!
Dillon's Community Rewards (On-Going)
All you have to do is enroll your Dillon's Plus Card.  Then use your Plus Card every time you shop at Dillon's. You will not only be building up fuel points like normal but also earning money towards kids/student events! Anyone can support kids/students ministries--grandparents, neighbors, even family friends can contribute towards an individual's account.
Monthly Bake Sales (Once a Month)
On the second Sunday of every month (September - May) we set up all kinds of goodies like loaves of bread, cookies, pies, and more to sell to our church family in the lower lobby.  All families have to do is individually wrap, price, and bring to the church by 9:15am.
Church-Wide Garage & Bake Sale (Once a Year)
This is our annual fundraiser for our student ministry (usually the 2nd weekend of July).  We work for four days prior to the three day sale and 100% of the profit goes to those who work!  The more hours you work, the more money you make.  We made $27,400 last year! Please note that the Garage Sale is for High School ONLY.