Women's Hope Groups

The women of Ridgepoint want to take action and be intentional, by building strong communities of sisterhood, rooted in a desire to be more authentic by acknowledging some of the stressors and challenges that we, as women, carry each day.  

We have Hope Groups at Ridgepoint that have been prayed about and developed, not for therapy, but for community. The groups will be focused Bible studies, book studies, and discussions designed to help encourage relationship around similar experiences.  The Hope Groups are for any woman who needs to know she is not alone and for those who have been through something hard and want to walk with another sister through the challenge.

Read through the descriptions below, and if any of these would be a good fit for you, we encourage you to sign up. Each group has a suggested donation to help cover costs for the group, but we never want finances to get in the way of you joining a group, so please don't let that stop you!
Hope after Sexual Hurt 
Women have been struggling under the weight of pain, shame, brokenness, and, sometimes, even feelings of guilt, around sexual based hurts for generations. Throughout Scripture there are examples of women who experienced the same types of hurts that still exist in our world, including sexual abuse and assault, sexual hurt in marriage, sex outside of marriage, adultery, confusion about sex as a gift from God, and so much more.  Often, women struggle to separate their identities as Daughters of the King from all things sexual because of their past experiences, especially in a world that places a great deal of value on women based on their bodies. Women are, too often, unable to grasp the healing from the stories of their pasts offered by Jesus.  This group will be a place to explore our own stories through studying the experiences of the women in Scripture. Together, we'll start to see how God uses even the hardest parts of our story for His Glory and we'll start to find healing.
Suggested donation: $10
Hope in Anxiety & Depression 
Being gripped by the darkness of depression and/or the fear of anxiety in such a way that you cannot move can be terrifying and paralyzing. Understanding why one experiences these emotional challenges can be even more difficult, and can spark a nasty cycle for those who suffer.  For some, anxiety and depression actually create risks of harm, as suicide becomes a real thought.  Questions like "Why me?", "Why can't I kick this and just get over it?",  "Why can't I just be happy?", "Why do I worry so much?", "Why is this so hard?" are very real. Suffering with anxiety and depression create feelings of loneliness, isolation, and decreased self-worth, and a whole host of other intrusive thoughts. Trying to understand why one person experiences these challenges and not others can be really daunting.  In this group, we'll explore these topics with Jesus's help and we'll learn how to find Jesus in our suffering, so we can move out of the darkness and fear and into the light He offers.
Suggested donation: $20
Hope in Grief & Loss 
Life comes in stages and some of those stages and seasons bring more loss than others. As women get older, the reality of losing the people and connections that are dearest to our hearts becomes more frequent. Learning to live a full life from a place touched by grief and loss is hard, but possible. There are no words to instantly take away the deep pain of loss. Grieving is a personal path – one that takes time to traverse.  Genuine expressions of comfort and understanding can help you take gradual steps toward healing. In this group, using a collection of daily devotions, we’ll find gentle guidance through the healing process, comforting reminders that you’re not alone, and hope as you rest in God’s limitless love and peace.
Suggested donation: $20
Hope After Abortion 
Many women hide the secret of abortion deep in their hearts while they suffer in silence. They wrestle with feelings of shame and failure, afraid to share their story and continue to try to hide their pain throughout day to day life. Hope After Abortion will be a 2-day intimate retreat at the Peace House Farms. Completely private, this is for women who have experienced an abortion recently or in years past. We want you to know, you do not have to carry this secret alone. Together we will seek deep healing and freedom only God can give as we travel this journey to healing. Everyone participating is a post-abortive woman, and there will be no judgment.
Suggested donation: $30

This sign-up is confidential. 

We recognize these issues are very sensitive, and your trust in us is paramount. This form will only go to our Women's Ministry leader, Erica, who will then contact you with next step information.